Five Friday Favorites

Congratulations people. We made it through another week. I thought I'd celebrate by sharing my five favorite things I came across this week. 

- Max

5. Patriots Fans Defend Tom Brady

In a just plain awesome response to deflate-gate, "Donald O'Donnell McDonald" go to bat for their team and their quarterback.

4. Babies Going through Tunnels

The name kind of says it all. This is hilarious and awesome.

3. Tim Keller Talk on Prayer

Tim's new book Prayer is a best-seller and last night, despite some laryngitis, he gave a great talk on prayer, covering topics like "why should we pray if God is omniscient and already knows what will happen?" Also a teaser on Tim's thoughts on the Super Bowl.

2. Funny and touching short on being a mom

Great social commentary here. Making fun of how people can be self-righteous abotu their parenting no matter what their philosophies are. Check it out

1. Weatherman Displays his Improv Talent

An Arizona weatherman dealt with his screen graphics going haywire on the air. But he handled it like it was part of the act. Very cool customer. And pretty funny. Thanks to @peter_trautmann for finding this.